The Raft

"In collage as in poetry, words or things that should never have met find themselves side by side." 

by Pierre-Jean Varnet


When the city-dressed Helene wakes up inexplicably adrift on a raft, her bewilderment spirals into confusion....
on examining her few belongings.... where she finds a revolver with five bullets remaining.
She is joined by first one then another 'castaway'. The question is then whose raft it is and who is in charge.
What is each willing to give up for survival?
Where is the line dividing one man's illusion from another's nervous reality?

The characters challenge one another with wit or wails, verve or violence. The conversations are filled with sparkling convolutions of thought and the dart-filled flashes of truth of the truly desperate.


Production in March 2020, Le Pari, Tarbes! Watch this space....