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"Photography is a tribute to life. I can conceive of it no other way.
 I held my first camera between stubby fingers
at the age of three years old, puzzled, focused.
 Today I no longer seek to extract the pictures concealed in the
box, I experiment with the different ways of bringing them to the
camera in order to better tell their story"

G. Carreño


L'Ambigu - Théâtre Fébus

Mise en scène M-A Gorbatchevsky


Photography exhibitions presented
Mises en scène                          January 1993
Corps et Mouvement                December 1995
Musique dans tous ses états    June 1997
Histoires en soie                       March 1998
Objectif sport                            November 1999
Impressions – Expressions      January 2002
Impressions de Femme            March 2005
Entre Jeu et Moi                      October 2008
Vertiges de Voyage                  May 2011
Les couleurs de l'eau             January 2014