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"If you give a man a mask he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Wilde


"I came to the theatre through the stage door ... wide-eyed and
escorted by the requisite flight of butterflies - for a first role in French as Madame Martin in Ionesco's "The Bald Primadonna".
The spell was cast. A little later I came on stage to photograph actors, frantic to prolong the
ephemeral emotion, the fleeting fervour of their art.
It was inevitable that playwriting should become a temptation then a fascination .....
I made no mistake in my choice ..
the enchantment is endless and a source of relentless motivation."

Gloria Carreño


"Cyrano à tout prix", a Théâtre Fébus production.

Directed by Bruno Spiesser

"Un Tramway Nommé désir" by Tennessee Williams. A Compteur Zéro production.

Directed by Karine Monneau

Copyright photos G. Carreño