Daughters of Kronos

'I can see no other poet who carried so far the insane need for love, or suffering, barbary, injustice but at the same time

an awe before the beauty of life. First of all I'd like to talk about the consciousness of Time in Milosz,

Time as eternity stolen.' Laurent Terzieff


Produced by Le théâtre de l’Or Bleu.

Starring Karine Monneau
Directed by Marie-Anne Gorbatchevsky
Lighting Dominique Prunier

Once upon a time on New Year’s Eve, the portrait of three slightly eccentric women of devastating humour.

How to kill Time before it kills you...

"The women in this one-woman show embrace their audience in a smile, then in laughter,
increasingly breathless gasps of laughter.. This is a monologue of devilish efficiency,
in short seventy-five minutes of sheer bliss."

Dépêche du Midi.

"Damn good and thoroughly enjoyable... a play written with great depth.. "