'When I see three oranges I juggle. When I see two towers I walk ....

When I see a trapeze I'm not risking my life, I'm grasping it'

Philippe Petit 'The pedestrian in the sky'

After a car accident, Chloé falls into a coma.

Thinking her lost, Paul, in a final act of desperation, has her cloned behind her back.

Except that Chloé comes round … and, twenty years later, so does her clone.

What happens when a woman meets her other self?

A play somewhere between ....Beckett and Almodovar


"a play full of humour. An author of talent to watch…."
Nouvelle République
"contemporary drama that really is new"

"most intriguing . ; a UFO that is most appetising .."
www.tarbes.fr/page/ actualités/629
"little masterpiece"
NR des Pyrénées Atlantiques
"a show of the rarest quality"
le Petit Journal

"We appreciated the quirky, magic realist style of DREAMLIFE                                                                                                       and found it charming, witty and entertaining"

Royal Court Theatre, London.

DREAMLIFE premiered at 'Le Pari', (Tarbes, FRANCE).

Produced by La Compagnie des Jolies Choses,
Directed by Natalia Beigbeder, with: Roland Abadie, Elsa Beigbeder, Marc Lallement, Valérie Lons


Théâtre Dreamlife par Infos-Tarbes-Lourdes-65

Théâtre Dreamlife par Infos-Tarbes-Lourdes-65