The Legacy

vanderbilt'To write is

fundamentally dangerous,

innocently dangerous' 

Maurice Blanchot


Betty lives outside the village, away from the natural curiosity of country life.

She talks, but not much, and smiles but not much.

Her friends have not tried to discover her secret...

because they do not yet know that she has one.

Directed by :  Mercedes Tormo

With :  Roland Abadie,  Françoise Delile-Manière,  Anna Mazzotti,  Bernard Montforte

Lighting engineer :  Dominique Prunier

Set design :  Eric Sanjou

Captions:  Marie-Anne Auzon

 November 10-15 2015. Le Pari, Tarbes, (65)

Show sur-titled for the deaf and hard of hearing on November 11th, 8h30pm

Co-production:  La Compagnie Mosaïque / Les Pieds Dans Le Plat

NEWS -  Festival - Memoria, Huesca (Spain) March 19 2018!

"Una obra magnífica" - a magnificent piece of work.