Step into her past, into the Past; slowly, noiselessly; gently opening the door to her memory. The memory of a life lived, of all those lives lived, the threads of recollections jostling forever at the bottom of one poor suitcase.

So, here she is, stepping on stage, alone, through the grand and mysterious door of the Theatre, bearing one unquenched solitary suitcase ready to unlock and tell her tale.

From nothingness to light, from deepest darkness to blinding awful revelation, the Actor stands before us, poised to retrace her steps through the three doors of her life.

From her childhood, she offers us the small or larger joys. But too quickly, bemused, she has to cross the threshold to hell. And yet, barbarity fails to put an end to her force for life…

The theatre, as a gate to leave the terrifying abyss, the inhumane; and return to the humane, with its doubts, its vagaries, its hopes and its grandeur.

The Actor, wearing the costume of her solitude, opens and closes those doors. She has come simply to offer her voice, body and soul, and share with her brothers and sisters of an evening, a horrifically beautiful tale.  Mercedes Tormo, Director.

Premiered at Le Palais, Lourdes in France, October 1st 2020

Starring Anna Mazzotti

Lighting by Sophie Le Strat

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