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"A human being is the best plot there is." - John Galsworthy



Gloria McAleer Carreño was born in Glasgow, Scotland, into a family of Irish, Scottish and Viking ancestry. The passion for story-telling started right there!

 After an Honours degree in French at Edinburgh University, a Masters in linguistics at Toulouse University and post-grad studies at Pau University she now teaches English and North American studies.

 Gloria has written several short stories but has concentrated on writing for the stage since 1995. To date her plays have been performed in four countries.

 She is presently working on her tenth play 'I'll be writing you love letters' 




'Une saison avant la tragédie de Macbeth' has been selected by le Bureau des Lecteurs de La Comédie-Française. 


The text is available for consultation at the library of La Comédie-Française and is referenced on their web page.